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SR 736 passed the House March 6th by a vote of 107 to 58 making Georgia the first state to pass a COS through both houses of their legislature.

Georgia becomes first state to pass
Convention of States resolution
SR 736 passed the House by a vote of 107 to 58.

        The Georgia House of Representatives joined the Georgia Senate today in passing a historic call for a convention of states to Photo of Georgia Statehouse propose amendments to the Constitution to impose fiscal restraint upon Congress, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and establish term limits for federal officials.
        Georgia becomes the first state in the country to pass this historic resolution. The same resolution has been introduced into 13 different state legislatures in 2014 with more to come. COS hopes to gain passage in 34 states in time for a convention to be held in 2016.      
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Georgia General Assembly Approved SR 371 A Convention of States to propose a
balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
    House Sponsor, Rich Golick (District 40) added, "Georgia's Photo of Rich Golicklegislators listened to the 74% of Georgia and U.S. Citizens (CNN) who not only support a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment but also consider the debt to be the second biggest problem facing our country after jobs (WSJ)."
        The total U.S. debt has increased every year since 1957 (U.S. Treasury Department). Now only 10 countries out of world's 193 have a higher total debt to G.D.P. ratio than does the U.S. (107%). That list includes: Greece – 159%, Jamaica-147%, Italy-127% & Portugal-123%. (Source: I.M.F.) The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that under current law the federal government will be $27.2 trillion in debt by 2024 for an average increase in total debt of $1 trillion per year.
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Georgia Senate Committee Passes Resolution
Calling for a Convention of States
The Peach State is making history.
Lawmakers put pressure on Washington.
            Friday marked the first of many hurdles for Senate Resolution 736. State lawmakers believe Washington is too big, too power, and spends too much money. They are hoping this resolution will give power back to the states. Fifteen-year-old Amelia Boland is concerned about the country's future. "Right now, it's like we're on iron rails and unless we do something, then we're going down path," Boland said. That is why she and her family drove up to the Gold Dome from Macon to join dozens of other people from across the state who support SR 736. State Senator Cecil Staton filed it last week. It calls for a convention of states under Article Five of the US Constitution.       more   .  .   .

Convention hearing
draws big crowd
Some 100 activists in the colors of the U.S. flag watched     Senate Rules Committee approved a resolution by state Sen. Cecil Staton that calls for a convention of states to modify the U.S. Constitution. His Senate Resolution 736 calls for states to band together to make the federal government live within its means, impose federal term limits and limit other powers wielded in Washington.
        Committee Republicans supported the measure while Democrats declined in the Friday vote. Photo of Buzz Brockway It could appear on the Senate floor for debate as early as next week.
        On the state House side, fans of the measure are trying to drum up support. Ahead of the Senate hearing, state Rep. Buzz Brockway, R-Lawrenceville, invited his colleagues to a lunch he bankrolled, featuring the national leader of the convention movement, Michael Farris.
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Georgia Convention of States Update The Gwinnett Tea Party promotes the philosophy
upon which the Country was founded.
    The Rules Committee has scheduled a hearing on the Convention of States Resolution, SR 736. The date is January 24, 2014, beginning at 10:30 AM, on the 2d floor of the Capitol Rotunda, 206 Washington Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30334. (Phone: 404-330-6000) Georgia Tea Party Logo
        On behalf of the Georgia Convention of States Project team, below are summary highlights of the progress of a Convention of States resolution being passed by the 2014 session of the Georgia state legislature. ... 1) Georgia Senate Resolution (SR) 736 calling for a Convention of States was introduced by Senator Cecil Staton on January 13, 2014. ... 2) Georgia House actions regarding a Convention of States resolution. We expect very similar actions in the House regarding a Convention of States resolution. ... 3) It appears that SR 736 could/will be passed by the Senate before the House takes action on a Convention of States resolution. ...
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Macon senator pushing
to rein in federal spending
Georgia is among the first to consider and may be
the first to pass an Article V resolution.
    State Sen. Cecil Staton says there are some serious problems with the federal government, and he has filed a proposal that puts Georgia at the front of a national campaign to change the U.S. Constitution. ...
        "The United States Congress has clearly demonstrated that they are unwilling to control their spending," said Staton, R-Macon, and sponsor of Senate Resolution 736. ...Photo of Sen. Cecil Staton
        Staton's resolution leaves details to the convention it's trying to call. The resolution asks for constitutional amendments that would restrain federal spending, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal governments and impose term limits, but it doesn't speak about numbers or the language of amendments.
        "Obviously we would like to get a convention to rein in the federal government," said state Sen. Burt Jones, R-Jackson. "We're required to pass a balanced budget" in Georgia, he said, while Washington, D.C., is not.
        It's a much broader task than a resolution the Senate passed last year, which sought a federal balanced budget amendment. ...
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