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Among those who oppose using the states' option in Article 5 to restore the Constitution to its original intent appear to be some highly organized somewhat belligerent groups repeating the same mantra and circulating the same and similar articles on varions sites. There are some sincere opponents with well articulated arguments. Thoughtful and respectful debate is essential to the success of the effort.

Why Levin is wrong Nullification vs. Article V Constitutional Convention:

    Mark Levin has one of the top-rated syndicated talk radio shows in the country, he commands major clout in conservative politics. Should this clout serve as a warrant for millions of Americans to blindly follow him? Mark Levin wearing cap
        In "The "Liberty Amendments" Levin seeks to provide a path for Americans who wish to fight back against an unchecked federal government. Levin proposes an Article V constitutional convention of the states as salvation. Not only is an Article V constitutional convention not the right answer, it is the bullet to a loaded revolver pointed at the Constitution.       more   .  .   .

Phyllis Schlafly is Against
an Article V Movement
Mischief-Making about the Constitution

Phyllis Schlafly     Out of exasperation with the flouting of the Constitution by Barack Obama and his acolytes, and the way Congress is letting them get by with these violations, several conservative authors and pundits are toying with the idea of calling a national convention to propose amendments to the Constitution, which they believe can put our country on a wiser path . . .
        . . . they are fooling themselves when they suggest that Article V creates a path to bypass Congress by means of a "convention of states." The only power the states are given by Article V is the opportunity to submit an "application" (petition) humbly beseeching Congress to call a convention. Hundreds of such applications have been submitted over the years, with widely different purposes and wording, many applications were later rescinded, and many purport to make the application valid for only one particular amendment such as a federal balanced budget or congressional term limits.       more from Phyllis Schlafly   .  .   .

No Constitutional Convention Mark Levin needs to move to
a country like China, or Venezuela

No Convention Tshirt     The dangers presented by a Constitutional Convention are beyond words. Apparently Mark Levin trusts our politicians and judges in making constitutional decisions for the United States and it's free people. They are currently not upholding the Constitution given to us by Our Founding Fathers, passing bills regularly that are unconstitutional. (Would you trust them?)       more   .  .   .
        I would ask Mark, what makes you think that opening up the Constitution to people that don't uphold it now wouldn't destroy it completely? Take into consideration that we have over 60 members in Congress that belong to the American Communist Party, and a U.S Senator that has said he is a Marxist. These are the people that you trust Mark? Written by Neil Rice.       more   .  .   .

A constitutional convention
would be 'national suicide'
" ... they have their forces already lined up to pack the federal and state Constitutional Conventions"

    "They" keep telling us the Constitution has not grown with the country; that it has not kept up with the times. Others say we need to amend the Constitution to force Congress to obey the Constitution. They say if we get two thirds of the state Legislatures to call for a Constitutional Convention, Congress must call one, and that can fix things up just dandy for us. They say we don't have a thing to worry about, because if the proposed convention were to propose a bad amendment, the states wouldn't ratify it.
        Here's where it gets dicey: You have already seen Leftist Marxist "Liberal" Politically-Correct "Green" judges approved by the Senate. The same political force could choose the delegates to the convention. They would do what they have done to us all along. The cure would be worse than the disease. Then, having started the process, they would stick in their pre-written amendments to change the entire Constitution to suit themselves. Nothing could stop a Constitutional Convention from doing anything it might choose. If they chose, they could write a whole new Constitution and scrap the old one.       more   .  .   .

An Objection from North Carolina Convention of States scam defies common sense.

    If your spouse was cheating on you, the remedy would not be to amend your marriage vows, yet that is the logic being applied by the promoters of an Article V "Convention for proposing Amendments." Beaufort Logo They want you to believe that changing the Constitution is the only solution to it not being upheld. There's a lot of politics going on here, but the people organizing this scheme have over 50 proposed that may find themselves offered at such a convention.
        The N.C. GOP should be against an an Article V "Convention for proposing Amendments," and should be working harder to support, defend, and uphold the Constitution as written. That is, after all, what their oath requires. Jeff Lewis       more   .  .   .

a Convention of States
by Texas Libertarian Jon Roland

      I have reviewed the Convention of States approach to getting constitutional amendments and find it to be deeply flawed. JonRoland
        There are fewer than 200 persons alive today who are remotely capable of drafting well-written constitutional amendments, and it is unlikely that any of them would be elected or appointed to the convention you seem to envision. Good intentions are not enough. It is a highly advanced art that is vastly more difficult to get right than to design a mission to Mars. Well-written amendments have to not only express an aspiration, but provide effective structure and process, avoid unintended consequences, and be highly resistant to clever misinterpretation. There can be no ambiguities, because any ambiguity opens the way for distortion. It must always be kept in mind that the people who carry out any amendment will not share our concerns or our understandings. They are more likely to be enemies of our intentions.       more   . . .

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